Sarawak: Day One – Kuching
No. of hours travelling – 4
Number of Orangutan’s seen: 2 (and a baby)
No. Of Sarawak Laksa’s consumed: 2

Sarawak : Day 2 – Batang Ai
No. of hours in a van : 4 and a half
No. of hours on a “Sampan speedboat” – 1/2
No. of Mosquito Bites: 4
No. Of Sarawak Laksa’s consumed: 1 (3 in total, more to come)
No. of Orangutans seen: NIL
No. of Prawns Eaten: Countless! (plus one Udang Galah)
No. of “Scary Suspended Bridges” crossed – 1 big, 2 little

The trip so far – Fab food, fab Orangutans, back to nature. Hilton
Kuching was great, and Hilton Batang Ai is hardly roughing it in the
jungle. It’s peace and quiet, hardly any connection to the outside
world… I had to bribe someone to use the internet!

Let’s see… do I really want to come back? Sigh…

xx aly