Every morning, I drive to work. It’s a pretty smooth drive, except for when it rains. Takes me about 15 minutes to get in if I leave at 9 am.

If I leave at 8.30 am it takes me 45 minutes, and I get in at the same time as if I leave at 9 am.

If I leave at 8 am it takes me about an hour and 15 mins to get in.

Doesn’t make sense right?

So anyway, every day, I make a U-Turn on Tun Razak, at the Pahang Roundabout. And everyday find myself looking out for the well dressed Indian Man who tends to the plants underneath the flyover.

I call him The Little Green Man.

It’s strange really, he appears randomly, always in a smart long sleeve beige shirt, smart dark slacks, with a hose pipe in his hand watering the plants lovingly. And I must say, that if I didn’t start noticing him, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the lush greenery in that patch.

What is my point? Take more time to stop and smell the roses, and to notice things around you. Don’t be so caught up in your own little world that you forget about everything, and everyone else around you.

I left at 9 am this morning, and I passed that spot at 9.12 am. I didn’t see him, but I must say, the plants are looking good…

Xx aly