My Date With Frat

Alright! It happened! Wooo Hooo…

An evening with the cute, huggable, squeezable cheeky chappy Frat Mustard, the voice of the Qguides, Book Eat Be Rewarded. Fantastic concept.

Frat was mine for the evening. All mine! Muahahahaha… ok, with the exception of JD, Dilly, Terry, Kah Wai and Mindy. And one of the owners of Mizu… Yes, it wasn’t really a date as much as another Big Red Food Review at Mizu, TTDI Plaza…


Nevermind. I pretended they weren’t there. It was just me and Frat… in our own little world… Oooh… there’s something about those rosy cheeks and ‘Clark Kent’ glasses that makes me just want to eat him up! And of course, his love for food. He dove straight into the sashimi platter.


I think Terry got a little jealous, so i had to pacify him by feeding him some Mizu Maki.


The closest I got was with some flirty feeding.


Of course, JD + Dilly, and Terry thought I had gone a little cuckoo. To the innocent bystander that may be true, but I was intrigued by this little man, and what he was all about.

After satisfyingly tasting a wide variety of Japanese food (you know what they say about seafood…ahem…) I decided to make another date with this mystery man. To find out what he’s really all about. I’m meeting up with him again.

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship (or more? Hehe) I can’t wait to find out…

Xx aly