Bangkok Baby… and Jim Belushi

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I was in Bangkok for my birthday. And you’ve probably seen the present I brought back for Terry, because he wouldn’t shut up about it! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out his blog. I saw it and I just had to, HAD to buy it for him!

It was strange really, because the last time I was in Bangkok was 23 years ago, I was 6 years old. I don’t remember very much, but the few things I did remember were awesome, like cobra fights and a man putting his whole head in a crocodile’s mouth. And my sister having her appendix out after she had a python draped around her shoulders. And my favourite memory, meeting one of Bangkok’s famous tiger’s, rescued from poachers (well, that’s the story they told us anyway), and her 4 babies!

This is me and the famous tiger in 1986.


Ahh, even from a young age I was already pushing the fashion boundaries!

So anyway, this time round I didn’t meet a famous tiger, but I did meet a famous actor! On our last night there, the rain hit again, and we couldn’t leave the hotel. Little did we know, Actor Jim Belushi of the sitcom ‘According to Jim’ was just a few tables away… Being a buffet and all, I ran into his very jolly self a few times. He was singing all the way as he queued up for food. Smiles all round, and after walking back to my table, it was close to dessert time before I finally worked up the nerve to say hi. Here is what came out of my mouth:

Me: Hi, What are you doing here? (high pitched, squeaky voice)

Jim Belushi: Hi, what are YOU doing here? (booming, bellowing voice)

Me: It’s my birthday! I’m on holiday! (really hitting the high notes now, I think I cracked a window)

Jim Belushi: Me too! (swings his arm around my shoulders)


Well, you get the gist. I was making a huge fool of myself, with Chef Lorenzo chuckling in the background. He laughingly made the introductions and of course, I got my picture!


Bangkok, baby! That’s the place to go because you never know who you’re gonna meet! Maybe I’ll go back in another 23 years…