The morning after: A Segway @ Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson

Bright light!

I open my eyes… ahh… what a beautiful room…

Avillion + GBOB 001

What time is it? Time for breakfast!

After a scrumptious meal at Traders Food Shop, Avillion Admiral Cove on Friday night, once again, we found ourselves on the comfortable verandah, overlooking the marina, bathing in the warm sunshine and tucking into a hearty breakfast of nasi lemak, continental sausages, baked beans, hash browns, and freshly brewed coffee.

After a nice catch up with Chef Ignatius (I didn’t expect to see him there after the feast he put on the night before!), Avillion Admiral Cove’s Director of Sales Fazrizah Noor told us that there was more in store for us than just food.

More? I thought to myself? I hope they’re not going to make us go hiking… I’m too full!

Well, I was close – it was the lazy man’s way to hiking. But so much more fun!

We were introduced to a line up of Segway Personal Transporters (Segway PT). My jaw dropped.

Avillion + GBOB 063

I’d only ever seen these things on TV! I remember a whole episode of Frasier being dedicated to it – you know, Season 9 Episode 20, The Love You Fake. The one where Niles enrolls in a trial and can’t get off it for 2 whole days…

So anyway (getting sidetracked), we were introduced to our guide, Rizal, who showed us the basics of riding a Segway.

(Extract from Wiki: The Segway PT is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen. It is produced by Segway Inc. of New Hampshire).

It was fairly easy to get the hang of it. Basically, there are computers and motors in the base, where  your feet are, that keep the Segway PT upright when powered on with balancing enabled. To go forward, lean forward. To slow down, lean  backwards. You turn by using a “Lean Steer” handlebar, leaning it left or right.

Avillion + GBOB 068

Ok, it takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it its a breeze! I was ready to Rock n’ Roll!

Avillion + GBOB 070

So off we went… Down the slope…

Avillion + GBOB 074

Along the road…

Avillion + GBOB 082

Even a little off-road…

Avillion + GBOB 076

(I am proud to be the first person ever to fall off and christen Rizal’s first-aid kit!

TIP: Don’t get too close to each other, the tyres stick together).

So I was fine, Rizal was pale, and we proceeded (cautiously) down the hill, and followed the green grass road, and then… get this… down a ramp and onto the beach!!!

Avillion + GBOB 080

Exhilarating… I could feel the wind in my hair, the sun on my face… ahh… could this weekend get any better?

Avillion + GBOB 079

We returned safely to the lobby, parked our Segways, kissed them goodbye, and hoped that one day, maybe one day, I could spring out RM 30,000 for one of those.

To answer my earlier question, yes, the day did get even better. It turns out Rizal, and the Segways, are not part of the hotel but instead part of Custom Lifestyles. The big yacht that we’d been drooling over parked in the Marina? That was SAKINAH, and the Segways are the owners ‘toys’ that he generously allows guests at Avillion Admiral Cove to enjoy.

Avillion + GBOB 093

Better than a luxury resort hotel – that’s what I’ve heard about SAKINAH. Owned by Custom Lifestyles Mohamed Mustafa Mohamed Ismail, this is indeed a lifestyle I want!

This Yacht, or Versilcraft, from Italy, is 34m built to the highest standards of safety and elegance. Price? Unspeakable!  A smooth cruising speed of 20knots (max 25knots) will effortlessly glide across the sea to the destination of your choice. Check out for all the details.

Avillion + GBOB 088

We had the luxury of a private tour, and a taste of the life of luxury… if only for a little while…

Avillion + GBOB 089

It was indeed a wonderful weekend, and a big thank you to all at Avillion Admiral Cove for taking us out of the stressful city life and to complete and utter relaxation.

Is Port Dickson the new St. Tropez? It certainly felt like it…

Till next time…  xx aly