I was at a food tasting with three male friends (who shall remain nameless due to the nature of this topic! You know who you are! *wink wink*).

These guys are like… well, they’re ‘GUY’ guys you know? The whisky drinking, fun-lovin’, say-what- they-think, check-out-chicks-with-no-shame, kinda guys. I love it, I love the honesty, and I love the conversations we have.

Take for example last night:

GUY 1: I just came from the gym, and man, there was this chick leaning over with a ROCKIN’ cleavage!

ME: What, in the GYM???

GUY 2: Ya that’s motivation for you right?

GUY 3: The gym is a great place to spot hotties…

GUY 1: No lah  – so distracting!

GUY 2: What distracting? You should be like, “Only 10 reps? I can do 20 more with that view!”

And so it progressed into a lengthy discussion about men, and why they find a woman’s chest area so magnetizing. The general consensus : It’s in their genes. They can’t help it.

I looked down at my plunging neckline and realized they were ALL staring at my chest.

“Hey!” I said. “Those aren’t my eyes!”

“Then don’t show it off!” they responded in unison!

What do you think this guy is looking at?


xx aly