The Smell that Sells

“The fresh bread smell is achieved by buying a large white loaf and opening up its belly and pouring a bottle of vanilla essence into it and popping it into the oven at medium heat for half an hour before the inspection begins.

Remove it before the real estate man or lady arrives. The result is a home that smells of freshly baked bread which, as you know, is the warmest, cleanest, most home-caring smell there is.”

I love bread. L-O-V-E. I love it so much I hardly eat it. No carbs and all that you know?

I used to live in London, and a few minutes from my apartment on Portland Place was a place called Villandry. Heaven on Earth. French restaurant, bar and foodstore.

The foodstore… ahh.. such was my routine where I would get my tall skinny mocha with 2 pumps of chocolate from starbucks, and cross the road to just SMELL the freshly baked croissants, the 7 seed bread, the pumpkin seed loaf… the chola…

I don’t have that luxury here and make do with putting a slice of Gardenia in the toaster.

Yes, in the morning, if you smelt my apartment, you would want to buy it.

Too bad I don’t own it!

Xx aly