Happy New Year!

Obviously one of my resolutions… ahem… to update my blog more often… has gotten off to a shaky start… But I am pleased to report that 2 of my other resolutions – dance more in public (anyone who knows me knows this is a great feat to accomplish) and do more for charity, have both gotten off to a pretty positive start.

Red FM and Pacific Regency were working hand in hand to raise a minimum of RM 50,000 for the Lighthouse Children Welfare Home. At the Pool Party last Sunday at Luna Chill Out Bar, well let’s just say I managed to kill two birds with one stone.

We got the kids dancing…

And a rare sight, which will hopefully become more and more common: Me and the gang shakin’ our stuff…

And shakin’ some more…

The Lighthouse Kids are really wonderful, and we had soooooo much fun with them that afternoon. Let’s hope there are many more afternoons with them to come… Every little bit counts!

Small Change, Big Difference!

x aly