My tweets are being retweeted by random tweeter’s. Is that what you call them? People who ‘tweet’ are ‘tweeter’s ‘, right?

Anyway, it’s a Wednesday nite. Again… Mid-week writer’s block. A couple of weeks ago, my boss was at a food tasting with me, and she said this: “Oh my God Aly, I’ve never seen you write before!”

I find it sad that we, people, tweeters, face-bookers, and the latest, goggle ‘buzzers’, are in fact, forgetting how to read books, and definitely how to write. Gone are the days when you used to read a book on the loo.

I used to read a book every two days, sometimes one a day. First, were the Ladybird stories like Peter & Jane, and all the fairytales of course. Sweet Valley High was a big part of my early teen years, before I moved on to stealing Mill’s & Boon from my Grandmother’s collection! We then had a trade session at boarding school ofΒ  ‘Romance Novels’ and extensive collections of Archie Comics. John Grisham, Jilly Cooper, Sydney Sheldon… the classic’s by Oscar Wilde… ahh… Those were the days.

Now I find myself shortening my words to fit in a tweet. ‘Never mind’ becomes ‘nvrmnd’, ‘late becomes L8, and goodness only knows how I even understand myself.

Keeping up with the world. Keeping up with technology. Is it dumb-i-fying us and bringing death to the english language?

The last book I read took me a month and a half to read, and it was called Waiter Rant. It was a real life account of a waiter who blogged, and it was turned into a book. So does that mean anybody with a computer can write? Or are real writers still the ones who pick up a pen and paper?

I challenge you to pick up a pencil or pen, and WRITE something. No typing, no computer, no keyboard. Just WRITE something. A full paragraph, 250 words, in complete sentences. Get back to me and let me know if you managed.

Hmm… Where do I keep my pencils?

x aly