Aly’s guide to maximizing your Buffet experience…

Have a walk through the ENTIRE buffet

Don’t waste plate space on beef and broccoli, when the likes of oysters or sushi are for the taking.

Plan your route

Cold dishes first like salads, antipasti, sushi, sashimi. Maybe a soup to warm you up. Move on to main courses and DO NOT GO BACK. Eat your food in the proper order, and your stomach will thank you for it.

Avoid pasta, rice or any kind of carbs

These are usually first in the line of main courses. If you take it, you are a SUCKER.

Try new things

Experiment. You never know, with all that variety you might find something new that you like.

Minimize fried food intake

It may smell good, and taste great at first. But once you’ve eaten your 5th piece of deep-fried chicken or calamari rings, you’ll feel the oil seeping out of your pores and realize that everything is cooked in the same fat.

Dessert is a must

Avoid the chocolate mousse that is cheap to produce and has a long shelf life. Eat fruits instead, value for money, healthy and often freshly cut.

And why am I telling you this?

To prepare you. For what? You’ll find out soon enough. Keep your eyes peeled for the next restaurant in The Big Red Food Review. I’m going for a tasting tonight. I am prepared. BRING IT ON!

xx aly