7 Responses to “About”

  1. Avery De Witt Says:

    Hi, Aly! I’m not sure whether you remember me, but you were hosting Kevin’s wedding last year in December. If you still remember, I was the girl who asked you for your autograph. I would love to stay in touch with you. I LOVE RED FM!!!! (please join my blog, http://www.thewhiteroseforgirls.com)

    1. alyredfm Says:

      Hey Avery! Great to hear from you! Keep tuning in! xx

  2. Zoule Says:

    Hey Aly,

    how i wish i was there when u enjoying ur segway at avillion.i used to work there before.but unfortunately im not there anymore.
    its a nice place huh..

    1. alyredfm Says:

      Hi Zoule, loved my stay there! Gorgeous place 🙂

  3. Eric Kiew Says:

    Hi aly,

    Did you attend the Time Out Food Awards 2010 at Solaris Dutamas ?

    1. alyredfm Says:

      Hi Eric! Yes I did. You can read about on my personal blog, http://alyswonderland.com/wordpress/?p=2017

      1. Eric Kiew Says:

        OMG! Then it must be you I was sitting behind ! Too shy to approach not wanting to look silly.

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