Who the f*** is Frat?

I got a call last week. It was a guy.

“Who is this?” I asked hesitantly. There was a long pause. Then, in a deep, throaty voice, came a reply.

“The name’s Mustard. Frat Mustard.” Who the f*** is Frat? I think to myself.

The penny dropped and I realized this was the Frat Mustard. The voice of the Qguides. Frat Mustard, the man, the friend, the joker, the thinker. And the eater!

Genji 003

He asked me on a ‘date’. To be a part of the PJ Hilton dining experience for bloggers. Then it hit me. I was a blogger?

I readily accepted my freshly bestowed status and what followed was a night with Malaysia’s most popular food bloggers. I put names to faces as I shook hands with A Whiff of Lemongrass (my favourite food blogger), Fried Chillies, A lil Fat Monkey and Cumi dan Ciki (who we ended dining with).

And not forgetting Frat, who got very friendly very fast!

Genji 090

The deal was that we would meet up at 730 pm at the Hilton PJ, be introduced to the Q-guides, Malaysia’s new and premier online booking service for restaurants and Zest, PJ Hilton’s page for foodies.

TIP: Don’t ever take the Federal Highway when you need to be somewhere at 730pm. I arrived 15 mins late after an hour in the car. Luckily, I had the brains to drag Shareena (Red Weekends – Terry the all time great eater was not available and devastated about that) and she drew the short straw. Or rather, the best straw!

We were to enjoy an evening at Genji, Hilton PJ’s fine dining Japanese Restaurant. But first, since the Mooncake Festival is around the corner, a quick stop at Toh Yuen to wet our appetites. We were offered a selection of mooncakes which will be launched on September 1.

Genji 007

The four colours represent the four seasons, from spring to winter.

Green: Lotus Spring made with white lotus paste + sunflower seeds

Red: Fiery Summer made with pepper flower, chicken floss, mixed nuts + dried chilli

Yellow: Autumn Fragrance made with osmanthus flavoured custard

White: Frosty Winter made with pure vanilla beans

Pure decadence at the very reasonable price of RM 9 per piece, RM 72 for a box of 8. Unusual flavours that will surprise you.

If you still prefer more traditional mooncake flavours, try the classic baked lotus paste with single yolk and the baked pandan paste with single yolk, both at RM 19.

Frat disappeared shortly after as he had drawn a different restaurant. We were to meet up at Uncle Chili’s after our respective meals, but afraid of missing out on the chance to chat later, I casually hinted that I would love him to join us at the next Big Red Food Review.

He readily agreed, never passing up the chance for some good sashimi. That’s gonna be a whole other story… What followed was a very impressive Japanese meal at Genji. The full review is coming soon.