Lighting up our Saturday with the Lighthouse Kids

The Lighthouse Children’s Welfare home is fast becoming a part of our lives… We decided to make a trip to their home in Bangsar, just to chill out and get to know they kids and their parents a little better.

“This home is run by Steven and Jacinta with focus on bringing the children up in a loving, family-orientated environment. The Lighthouse provides children from underprivileged and difficult backgrounds a new lease on life. Every child under their care is given a chance to develop and grow with self-respect. “

Managing a home of about 40 children (ranging from 1 year old to the eldest at 16) is not an easy task. Clothes and food for growing children doesn’t come cheap, yet somehow they have been provided for through the generous donations of the community.The house itself is beautiful, very large, warm and welcoming.

We all felt at home immediately, and they’d gone through the trouble of cooking wonderful food for us. We sang, we danced, we played the piano, and even had a round of Taboo!

Look at this face!

You can’t resist wanting to help! Head over to their website to do your bit now…

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